Myth #1:
Norfolk Crime Line is a Police Program.

The Truth:
Norfolk Crime Line is funded entirely by private donations from concerned citizens and companies. Volunteer citizen boards administer the program, raise funds and approve rewards.

Myth #2:
"Tipsters" need to testify to collect rewards.

The Truth:
Callers to Norfolk Crime Line need never testify or even be identified to collect rewards. Confidentiality has played a key role in the success of the program.

Myth #3:
Norfolk Crime Line doesn't pay.

The Truth: If Crime Line didn't follow through on its promises, it would never have survived. In an average year, Norfolk Crime Line pays out more than $17,000 in rewards, recovering tens of thousands, sometimes more than a million dollars in drugs & stolen property.

Contact Norfolk Crime Line
PO Box 9296
Norfolk, VA 23505